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What a week!

June 15, 2015

Store Update  


Wow! What a week!

Both Sue and I would like to thank you all for your support as we launched two hatch.

Last Friday, when we pushed the big, red, scary button, (it is actually tiny and black, but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story), we thought we were done, website ready!

There was champagne and nibbles to celebrate our debut into the world of online shopping.

Since then we have reread every page and product description, tweaked where necessary, changed where required, added additional information and video clips making sure we are doing absolutely everything we can to ensure that every customer has the best experience they possibly can at

We are very proud of each and every product on our website, and every one of them has been tried and tested by us with our own families, right down to the Bamboobies breast pads and Hotmilk maternity bras.

Now, you are more than likely having images of two strange ladies swanning around with Pacapod bags and Jellystone Necklaces on, and while some days this is true, (we wish) mostly we are just working mums who have tried and tried and tried to find the best of the best for our families and (luckily for you) our customers

While I have two small children (4.5 and 19 months old), running around and creating havoc most days, Sue has a 16 year old entering the chaotic stages of exams and facing the final years of schooling. When we say something is easy or simple to use and is fantastic quality, we mean it, because we don’t have time (and neither do you) for things that are complicated or break down at the drop of a hat.

At two hatch, the most important opinion to us, is yours! If you have any products you think we should look at, please feel free to share your suggestions, experiences or knowledge with us. Likewise, any feedback regarding our service or site would be gratefully received.. We are both available via, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

So again, thank you for supporting us here at two hatch, and we look forward to seeing you soon.