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Bamboobies Nursing Pads Overnight 2 Pair Pack


Bamboobies ultra-soft nursing pads are unique because they don’t leak through like other washable pads. Overnights are made for heavy leaking and newborn nursing andare made with a unique milk-proof backing to stop embarrassing leaks. Washable Bamboobies save $$$ over disposables.

Made of ultra-soft and soothing organic cotton and bamboo rayon velour with a super absorbent inner layer made of natural fibres, these pads are ultra-absorbent and ultra-eco. Unlike cotton pads, Overnight Bamboobies don’t feel cold and clammy when wet and don’t leak through. Nursing mothers deserve simple luxuries like Bamboobies.

 Overnight Bamboobies are the biggest and softest pads - loved by new mamas everywhere

 **Made especially for new mothers: for heavy leaking in the early months of nursing and overnight / early morning leaking**

This is a 2-pair package - Overnights come only in light blue colour

 Looking for something that doesn't show through a tight shirt? - this isn't it. Check out our 'regular' ultra-thin bamboobies. Or try the multi-pak for some of each!

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